Alice Leiter is a freelance writer living in Washington, DC with her husband and four children. A former healthcare regulatory attorney, her career highlight to date is having been the editor-in-chief of the Stanford Daily; things have been largely downhill since then.

Alice Leiter

A life-long resident of Washington, she spent her late 20s working at a law firm and wondering if she’d die alone. Five months after meeting her now-husband, Michael, on a blind date she’d been dreading, she was engaged.  Six months later she was living with her decade-older fiancé and his seven-year-old son, trading 9:00 p.m. dinner reservations for carpool and 6:00 p.m. frozen ravioli at the kitchen table.  

A year and two weeks after getting married, she gave birth to the first of three children.  And after four years of living the cliché of “disappointing people both at work and at home,” she hung up her (mostly maternity) suits and joined the ranks of the Blonde Stay-at-Home Mothers of Upper Northwest Washington. 

Her hobbies include making fun of her family on Instagram (, watching Bravo, and worrying that people are mad at her.  She hates when grown women call her "Mama."

Alice's articles have been published on sites including What's Up Moms and Maisonette's Le Scoop.